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paper delivery on thursday november 22, 2018

do sunday deliveries only get the press on Thursday Nov 22, 2018 for the additional sale advertisments ?


Didn't get my Press today

Mothers Day. Didn't get my press today, why?


Press cancellation and proof from you in writing of pd through date 11/10/18

Our names are John and Linda Schwartz 3037 Woodridge Circle NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 Phone 616-866-4320 Two people gave me the online site for your dept to get in writing a confirmation of our freezing our account eff 11/9/17 thru 05/1/18 when we return from FL and getting proof in writing that since we had been pd thru 05/20/18 it would thus show now pd thru 11/10/18. The website was given to me by the 1st call rep and then her supervisor on 11/9/17.

The internet says this site does not exist. So for that reason I am asking that you send me an email confirming that you will restart our Sun/Tues/Thurs delivery on 5/1/18 and it will be pd thru 11/10/18 and that you will not again mistakenly cancel our delivery and up our rate like you did this year. Your call service said they did not have the capabilities to do this via email or mail but could only confirm the pd through date and freeze our delivery and give us this fictitious website to obtain the written proof we require to feel safe that no errors will happen in 2018. It's unfortunate that we feel compelled to have this in writing.

We await your response.

Thank you. Linda Schwartz


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